Counselling & Integrative Psychotherapy

Counselling refers to the short term process where a person explores troubling issues in their lives. Along with the counsellor, they are looking for ways to better manage and resolve them.

Integrative Psychotherapy is a long term process where any issues that are brought into the therapeutic space can be explored in depth, understood and be given new meaning.

Through talking and also creative expression- if relevant, such as drawings, basic movement and visualization- person and therapist engage in a process of identifying patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that are not useful in the person’s life.

The therapeutic relationship/alliance slowly becomes the safe space where all these old formed patterns can be experienced and explored ‘in action’. Through non judgmental exploration and understanding of their roots, the person can release them and create new ways of being.

With sensitivity, respect and unconditional positive regard, the work is to illuminate, express, resolve, nurture and integrate parts of the person’s self  that were hurt, ‘not seen’, neglected and not loved throughout their lives.

In that light, psychotherapy is both a restorative and a creative process, where issues from the past can be resolved by acquiring new meaning, and new knowledge about the person’s true nature can be discovered, nurtured and integrated leading to a freer and more whole life.

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